Quebec's Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (L.R.Q., Chapter A-2.1) applies to all documents and information held by École nationale d'administration publique in the exercise of its functions.

Nominative Information

Nominative information held by ENAP contains only information that is necessary in exercising its powers and performing its duties and functions. This information is of a confidential nature. Any administrative or academic authority, any service, unit or person who, in the exercise of her/his duties, has access to nominative information, must assure its confidentiality and must refrain from reporting it to third parties unless expressly authorized to do so by the concerned person or unless such reporting is made to persons or organizations expressly authorized by the Act.

Likewise, for ENAP students and participants in the School's activities, no nominative information concerning them can be reported to a third party, particularly employers, without having obtained beforehand the individual's consent, unless this reporting is necessary in the application of the Act.

Confidentiality of ENAP's Site

All information held by ENAP concerning its student clientele is encrypted and only accessible from its Internet site after any interested party has obtained authorization allowing access to this particular information and has obtained a personal identification number (PIN).

Furthermore, ENAP makes the assurance that it does not plant cookies with users that visit its site. It does, however, reserve the right to install files in its equipment to gather information about the number of visits to the different pages of its site.

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