Terms for Use

This is to inform the users of ENAP's web site of the conditions for use of its communication tools (blog, forum, wiki, online chat) so that this service remains a forum for exchanging and sharing information of quality where respect, courtesy and politeness are the norm.
In this way, the users can use the tools for the express purpose of sending or receiving messages, information or lawful materials that are appropriate, or relate, to the group, theme or activity in which they are taking part.


Unless otherwise indicated, no intrusion will take place in user exchanges and the contents will not be controlled before publication.
Users are fully responsible for the entire content of messages and attachments they publish, send, distribute, divulge, or transmit in any way whatsoever through this service. ENAP is not responsible for users' conduct.

Within the framework of their exchanges, users must avoid divulging personal information about third parties or themselves. With this in mind, it is recommended to disclose only information of a public nature that users are likely to see circulate on the Internet under normal circumstances. In addition, the user is the only one responsible for keeping authentication keys confidential.

Users must also respect copyright within the framework of their exchanges and transmission of documents. Most works (texts, images, drawings, sounds, music) found on the Internet or other physical or electronic supports, are protected by copyright. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, it is illegal to reproduce a work without the consent of the copyright holder. ENAP is not liable for the distribution of a document for which a user has not obtained a licence for use.

  • ENAP does not claim ownership or control over user content and, consequently, the users maintain all rights to their own content.
  • ENAP allows the user to delete any messages s/he has written. 
  • ENAP does not undertake to store, in any form whatsoever, messages or documents after the completion of an activity. 
  • ENAP undertakes to respond, within a reasonable period of time, to any notification relating to the violation of the present conditions. No systematic surveillance of communication tools is carried out.

Any behaviour contrary to the present conditions can lead to sanctions that range from a reprimand to the suspension of the right of access to ENAP's Internet site.
ENAP, its employees, officials, representatives or subcontractors can, in no way, be held responsible for any injury or harm to users resulting from, or relating to, the use of the communication tools. For example, ENAP can, in no way, be held responsible for the deletion, or the impossibility, of stocking content managed or sent using its communication tools. ENAP, its employees, officials, representatives or subcontractors refuse, in particular, any responsibility concerning the precision, content, exhaustiveness, legality, reliability, availability, usefulness or exploitability of the information or content posted through the use of its communication tools. The present limit of liability does not apply to personal injury or moral or material harm caused through an intentional or gross fault.
These conditions can be modified at any time and without prior notice.

Last updated February 23, 2007.


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